Urban human-nature resonance for sustainability transformation

Introduction to the URBNANCE-Blog

This blog by the URBNANCE Leibniz-Junior Research Group addresses various actors interested in resonating human-nature connections in cities and beyond. The blog deals with current scientific, societal, and political debates about the social-ecological crisis and its implications for (re-)connecting cities and urban dwellers with nonhuman nature. Furthermore, on this blog, we explore ideas and personal experiences to strengthen our external and internal connections with nonhuman nature in our daily lives. In this regard, we reflect on various relations we hold with nonhuman nature and how we do (not) consider her unavailability, dignity, sentience, intelligence, autonomy, and intrinsic value. We reflect on past, current, and potential future events in our modern lifeworld that disturb the normalization of unsustainable habits and mindsets. In particular, we are interested in responses that strengthen a human-nature partnership so that all living beings can flourish.
Maybe you would like to tell us if and why our posts touched you, or you even have the impulse to share your personal experiences with external or internal transformations towards a resonating human-nature relationship as well? You are welcome to respond to our posts or contribute to the blog with your essay in collaboration with us.

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Giving and receiving with joy – inspiring insights from Robin Wall Kimmerer on a positive partnership with Nature

Febrary 2024

by Philip Harms and Maeve Hofer

What defines a good partnership? In a positive partnership, we are committed to each other, support each other and give each other attention ...

Is Indigenous cosmovision a utopia of sustainable living? - A search for planetary health and what we as a global community can learn from Indigenous perspectives

December 2023

by Maike Hering

I've spent the last five days on a ferry journey through the Amazon rainforest eagerly awaiting the right moment to begin writing this essay ...

Meeting nature at eye level - an explorative walk through the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano

October 2023

by Martina Artmann

Who hasn't experienced this?
It's a balmy summer evening, you happen to meet a few old friends and get lost in exciting conversation until the wee hours of the morning. ...

Patagonia – a place for resonant relationships?

June 2023

by Maike Hering

How it comes to an essay about resonance in Chilean Patagonia
I started working as a research assistant for the URBNANCE project in Dresden in August 2022 and only a few days after the beginning ...

Humbleness towards the Unverfügbarkeit of sleep -
About cycles, sleep rituals and Mother Earth

May 2023

by Susanne Müller

Surely it happens not only to me again and again that I lie in bed in the evening and think "Wow, beds are definitely amongst the best inventions in the world"...

Where is the love?
Sketches of wonder, self-compassion and an encouragement in the face of multiple crises

February 2023

by Susanne Müller

Humans never cease to impress me with their intelligence in developing engineering skills with millimeter precision, which then creates telephone lines across continents and oceans ...

Lending nature our voice - role play in search of partnerships with nature

November 2022

by Philip Harms

Today, crises and interwoven dystopian visions of the future often dominate the news. In this essay, we turn the page and share ideas for a positive future!

Admittedly, futures can be many ...

Moving from crisis to resonance: A summer cinema

October 2022

by Philip Harms, Susanne Müller, Mabel Killinger and Martina Artmann

Films tell stories, they touch and move their audience. In this vein, the summer cinema offered the opportunity to experience nature, care about her, and be touched by her beauty ...

The need for self-efficacy in times of powerlessness.
Caring for nature in the city.

September 2022

by Mabel Killinger

At the beginning of August I was confronted with a small piece of paper at the door of my apartment building: "Dear Neighbors, The young trees on the Johannstadt Elbwiesen still urgently need our help. ...

The unavailability of the own voice.
What does Amos really want to "say"?

July 2022

by Mabel Killinger

To engage in a resonant relation with another entity may it be another human being, an animal or an object, Rosa points out that oneself has to acknowledge, see and most of all listen to the opposites own voice. Thereby, said voice also holds unavailability as another prerequisite of ...

Flötenspiel (1940) by Hermann Hesse:
A resonance-specific analysis and embedding in the sustainability context

June 2022

by Susanne Müller

Hardly any other German writer is able to touch his readers through his writings as much as Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Whether through his strongly autobiographical works ...

First insights on human-food relations through the interaction with urban dwellers in Dresden

May 2022

by Mabel Killinger

Have you ever taken the time to think about the relation you hold with the food you eat every day, with the food nature is providing us human beings, the food which is grown for us by other members of society? ...

Inside me ‒ inside us

May 2022

by Martina Artmann

Talking with the deer and rabbits
Cooking with the moon and the stars
Flowing in being, vibrating with the divine feminine
Infinite power and wisdom in our veins

The sparkle in my eyes shows of eternity
We are born in the light and by the fire ...

Responsive relationships: The treasure of vulnerability

April 2022

by Susanne Müller

Responsive relationships – like the sociologist Hartmut Rosa describes them in his resonance theory published in 2016 – may exist in every context and between different creatures. Whilst an accelerating and more-and-more demanding economic system is claimed ...

Loving Souls – Loving Hearts

January 2022

by Susanne Müller

A human being has a soul. Does every being have a soul? What about a dog? Isn’t a dog a being in whom a soul lives? And what about a horse that according to studies seeks a deep and intense contact towards human beings, comparable to a mother’s loving contact to human beings, comparable to a mother’s loving contact for her newborn child? ...

Christmas ‒ eating in the spirit of the feast of love?

December 2021

by Martina Artmann and Mabel Killinger

In a few days is Christmas and if the current COVID-19 pandemic situation allows, families come together to celebrate the festival of love. Christmas is also the feast of stuffed bellies when tables are richly set with hearty dishes and sweet Christmas cookies. ...

Nurturing our relation with nature and ourselves in the dark season

December 2021

by Martina Artmann

With the last months of the year, the days get shorter, darker, and cooler again here in Germany. This time of the year might feel for many of us like having the demand for more quietness, sleep, and introspective while in summer we are more active and playful ...