Urban human-nature resonance for sustainability transformation


Advisory partners

  • Prof. Jessica Böhme
    University of Applied Sciences for Medium-Sized Companies, Berlin (Germany)
    Expertise: inner transformation and relational thinking and lifestyles, political science, sustainability, technology management
  • Dr. Mathias Hofmann
    Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)
    Expertise: Environmental psychology, specifically well-being effects of urban nature and collaborative urban design

  • Dr. Christopher Ives
    University of Nottingham, School of Geography (UK)
    Expertise: Integrative human-nature connection in the context of sustainability transformation

  • Prof. Dr. Bron Taylor
    University of Florida, Department of Religion (USA)
    Expertise: Emotional, spiritual, ethical and political dimensions of environmental movements

ABiK project

a project to integrate mindfulness into education and academia at the University of Leipzig

We are also grateful for the great support of the doctoral theses by:

  • Prof. Dr. Monika Egerer, Professorship of Urban Productive Ecosystems, TU Munich (Germany) (support for the doctoral thesis of Mabel Ramisch)
  • Prof. Dr. L. G. (Ina) Horlings, Professorship of Socio-Spatial Planning. University of Groningen (Netherlands) (support for the doctoral thesis of Philip Harms)