Urban human-nature resonance for sustainability transformation


Category: Own research

Where is the love?
Sketches of wonder, self-compassion and an encouragement in the face of multiple crises

February 2023

by Susanne Müller

Humans never cease to impress me with their intelligence in developing engineering skills with millimeter precision, which then creates telephone lines across continents and oceans ...

Lending nature our voice - role play in search of partnerships with nature

November 2022

by Philip Harms

Today, crises and interwoven dystopian visions of the future often dominate the news. In this essay, we turn the page and share ideas for a positive future!

Admittedly, futures can be many ...

First insights on human-food relations through the interaction with urban dwellers in Dresden

May 2022

by Mabel Killinger

Have you ever taken the time to think about the relation you hold with the food you eat every day, with the food nature is providing us human beings, the food which is grown for us by other members of society? ...