Urban human-nature resonance for sustainability transformation


Category: Psychology

Humbleness towards the Unverfügbarkeit of sleep -
About cycles, sleep rituals and Mother Earth

May 2023

by Susanne Müller

Surely it happens not only to me again and again that I lie in bed in the evening and think "Wow, beds are definitely amongst the best inventions in the world"...

Where is the love?
Sketches of wonder, self-compassion and an encouragement in the face of multiple crises

February 2023

by Susanne Müller

Humans never cease to impress me with their intelligence in developing engineering skills with millimeter precision, which then creates telephone lines across continents and oceans ...

Responsive relationships: The treasure of vulnerability

April 2022

by Susanne Müller

Responsive relationships – like the sociologist Hartmut Rosa describes them in his resonance theory published in 2016 – may exist in every context and between different creatures. Whilst an accelerating and more-and-more demanding economic system is claimed ...