Urban human-nature resonance for sustainability transformation


Category: Unavailability

The unavailability of the own voice.
What does Amos really want to "say"?

July 2022

by Mabel Killinger

To engage in a resonant relation with another entity may it be another human being, an animal or an object, Rosa points out that oneself has to acknowledge, see and most of all listen to the opposites own voice. Thereby, said voice also holds unavailability as another prerequisite of ...

Loving Souls – Loving Hearts

January 2022

by Susanne Müller

A human being has a soul. Does every being have a soul? What about a dog? Isn’t a dog a being in whom a soul lives? And what about a horse that according to studies seeks a deep and intense contact towards human beings, comparable to a mother’s loving contact to human beings, comparable to a mother’s loving contact for her newborn child? ...

Christmas ‒ eating in the spirit of the feast of love?

December 2021

by Martina Artmann and Mabel Killinger

In a few days is Christmas and if the current COVID-19 pandemic situation allows, families come together to celebrate the festival of love. Christmas is also the feast of stuffed bellies when tables are richly set with hearty dishes and sweet Christmas cookies. ...